Program Objectives
The overriding objective of this program is to arm students with in-depth knowledge and
multipurpose knowledge and skills which will enable them to deal with varied leadership needs in all
sectors and industries both in local settings as well as international arenas. Put precisely, Besides,
the program has the following specific objectives:
1. Bridging the gap between the need for and availability of quality higher education in
the field of leadership.
2. Carrying out educational and social development research activities pertaining to
3. Producing, publishing, and distributing relevant books, journals, magazines, and other
supporting materials in the field of leadership
4. improve leadership and management skills and practices of future leaders;
5. enhance the integrity of leaders and improve public and/or private organizations in the
6. improve the satisfaction of the public and/or private organizations with the programs
and services of Yardstick College 

Expected Learning Outcomes Upon completion of the program, students (graduates) will be able to describe the various theories, concepts, and processes in leadership. Besides, they will acquire and develop needed now KSAs (Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities) of leadership that will, in turn, will also allow them to critically assess and evaluate critical leadership situations and scenarios to make the right decisions tackling challenging circumstances. More so, they will design and put to effect practical solutions in the working environment. This program also opens future possibilities for the graduates to pursue further education and training in the area of leadership.

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